Sunday, October 19, 2008

Network cables

We didn't go out today. We stayed home all day long watching tv, lying down and using the computer. I can't imagine life living without any tv, computer or telephone at home. I've just thought about it because our computer didn't work well.

It's too annoying when you use the internet and then it suddenly disconnected. I always complained about this and I sometimes told hubby to call the technician to check it out. I sometimes do everything that they taught us when we are having trouble with the connection but it's still the same so the technician came over to my house and found out that there's a problem with the cable. It may also be the reason why the connection is very slow. I need to get Network Cables for fast, broadband surfing.

I already found low priced with high quality Cables. My hubby also like to get one because he can play with his Xbox or play station onto the internet for online multiplayer action. The internet cables are guaranteed and hassle free. We can even save over 50%. You may also want to check them if you need one.

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