Friday, October 17, 2008

Persimmon trees

We went on a camp. On our way to the camping site, we saw lots of persimmon trees.

I told hubby to stop the car and pick some persimmons. He refused at first but after bothering him for many times, I finally convinced him. Nobody owns the trees because they were planted on the roads near the mountains. It was another memorable experience for me. I had fun picking some persimmons and at the same time felt nervous. Although they were planted on the roads and I believed that nobody planted them, I was nervous to get something that aren't mine. I always looked if there were people or cars coming. I was like a thief. hahaha... Hubby tasted one then he told me to throw them away. hohohoho... They are still green and we need to wait more days.

These heart-shaped persimmons are eaten even when they are hard. They are delicious when they are red and a little bit soft but don't eat too much or else you'll suffer of constipation. hehehe...

I didn't bring those persimmons at home and now i'm suddenly craving one while posting this.

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alf said...

thanks sis. i was looking for it at your other blog. wrong click pala.