Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sujaebi megitang

We went to aunt's house. On the way to her house, we saw again the sign board of a restaurant serving Sujaebi Maegitang (Boiled Spicy Catfish). This is the restaurant that I have mentioned here last time. The restaurant is located in the farm, about three kilometers away from the highway.

The megitang is delicious but the restaurant is not famous because of its location. But once you've tasted it, you will crave for it and come back. Here's the restaurant which is too old.

The restaurant is built on the pond with lots of gold fish. There's some plastic floor where you can see the gold fish even when you are inside. The restaurant is also decorated with antique. Too old stuffs that Koreans used long time ago.

It is in Boseong which is famous for green tea so here's the green tea puchinggae.

And the delicious sujebi megitang.

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