Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Strawberry milk for my breasts

Do you remember my post here? The next day I bought strawberry milk. I dunno if there's connection with my monthly period but everytime I drink some strawberry milk, i felt that my breast were getting big. Or maybe that's just my imagination, so I felt they really were.

I asked hubby if he knew why I bought strawberry milk. He said because I just wanted to drink milk. He laughed at me when I said the real reason of buying them. I said I saw on tv that strawberry milk can help enhance our breast. After drinking these 3 cartons of milk, I don't know if I still need to buy because I'm afraid that instead of getting my breast big, my body will get big. hehe...

Hmmmm...anyway, it's good for our health although it can't make my breasts big, at least I can stay fit. What do you think?


Jhoice said...

WOW sounds great,:D thanks for sharing this sis, haha I absolutely need it for enhancing mine, wahehe:D anyway I just this works;D lolZ. Thanks for this, iMma go try it nxt tym, and i`ll let u know how they turn out:D haha

Crissy said...

Good to know that you gain other benefit from drinking strawberry milk.. Is that true sister? May kalaban na si Vicky Belo sa breat augmentation.. :)) Just be sure to check the content kung free from melamine.. Be safe..
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