Sunday, October 5, 2008

Simple cooking and preparing food on a camp

Hubby told me not to prepare and bring many things. He said it's very complicated to carry lots of things specially side dishes. So like we did before we also planned to have chicken for lunch. But we had a hard time finding chicken restaurant in the rural area specially on the way to the Recreation forest. We found some but those are chicken and pizza house and hubby doesn't like them because chicken is not delicious in the pizza house. We are looking for a franchise chicken restaurant. We changed the route and went to the downtown area and there we found one. The Ttore Ore chicken.

We were hungry so before we set up the tent, we had lunch first. Here's what we had for lunch. Chicken and kimbap.

For dinner, we just boiled some water inside the tent because it was too cold outside and we ate kimbap again and "wang ttukong" cup noodles. The day has gone with this very simple cooking and preparing time. hehehe...

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