Sunday, July 20, 2008

Megitang (Boiled Spicy Catfish)

We went to Boseong and on our way, we saw a sign board of a restaurant selling Megitang (Boiled Spicy Catfish). We had lunch early so hubby suddenly craved for Megitang. So instead of going straight, he turned left and went to the restaurant.

We thought the restaurant was near but it took us kilometers more to reach it. Although it was a little bit far, we weren't disappointed because the food was delicious. Hubby said, he found another restaurant again serving delicious Megitang. He said eventhough it's far, he's willing to go back there again when he craves for that menu.

The restaurant is located in the farm and built in the pond with full of golden fish. But not many people go there because it's too far from civilization.

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Cahaya Hati Nurani said... looks like a nice food..ok..ok.. I am happy u enjoy the food there...distance isnt aproblem, right? u been so satisfied..