Thursday, January 24, 2008

apples and sweet potato

We also met my mother in law when we attended my sister in law's housewarming party. We picked her up at home and we went to my sister in law's house together. There were 2 packs of apples that were put in the plastic bags. One is for my sister in law and she gave to other one to us. We always skip breakfast and i always prepare fruit milkshake for hubby before he leaves for work. And these apples are for his milkshake in the morning. My inlaws told me that apples are not good to eat in the evening. We don't have enough time to eat in the afternoon because we have to work so i usually make apple milkshake in the morning.

Before we came home, my sister in law gave me this sweet potato. Oh gosh, i can't remember the last time when i ate sweet potato so i was happy to receive them. As soon as i came home, i cooked some but wasn't satisfied because i put much water and overcooked. They are sweet but very soft that's why until now they are still on the table. hehehe...

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