Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pumpkin Porridge

Hey, look what i made from that big pumpkin.

It's my first time to make this pumpkin porridge but i did great! My hubby said that it's delicious. He laughed when i served some to him. He said he can imagine some s**t so he didn't wanna taste it. But i forced him to eat and he almost ate all. He asked me if i made much because he wants me to bring some for my mother in law. We'll meet her tomorrow in my sister in law's house to attend her housewarming party.

Do you wanna know how i made it? I just cut the pumpkin into big cubes and boiled until it became very soft. When the water is less than a cup, turn off the stove and let it cold. Mix it into a mixer, put in the pot with a little condensed milk, and sprinkle a little iodized salt and a little flour. Mix it well and put on the stove again and mixed it continously for about 5-10 minutes and Voila! the porridge is done!


HappyMum said...

sis, looks like my little bub can have this porridge. :)

happy weekend.

ellen said...

hello there...thanks for sharing your recipe...subukan ko gawin yan...drop by lang to greet to congratulate u.