Saturday, January 12, 2008

healthy drink

Most Koreans are very aware of their health and my mom in law is one of them. Eventhough we don't live together but she always make side dishes and gives something to eat for us specially healthy food. Last week she came here with this 100% beajeup (pear juice)and hongsam (ginseng steamed red).

I like baejeup but not the hongsam. I don't like the taste of it because i feel like drinking medicine when i drink it. My mother in law said that it's expensive and it's very good for our health but i feel like throwing up when i drink it. I don't like the smell either.

My mother in law always brings us some healthy drinks like one that is made of deer horn, mushrooms, etc. I don't like any of them but because they are from my mother in law so i have to drink some. Nobody will drink it because my hubby doesn't like the taste either.

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