Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cabin on my vacation

Last month, my hubby told his boss that he wanted to quit his job but the boss didn't allow him and he's giving him a one month vacation, instead but in the midst of this year. Hubby agreed but this month he told his boss again about this quitting issue. Again, the boss didn't allow him and this time he's giving him a one week vacation anytime he wants. The reason why my hubby wants to quit is because he wanted to travel. He likes travelling and he said he wants to travel out of the country. He wants to go overseas.

My hubby is still planning when to get his one week vacation. I can't wait to go on vacation with him, travel to Branson and stay at one of the cabins of Branson Cabin Rentals. I'm a nature lover and i want to stay at The cabins at Grand Mountain which has good scenery, bountiful wildlife, and crystal clear waters. What a great vacation to stay here in this cool and relaxing place.

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