Sunday, January 6, 2008

rice cake cake

Here's the cake made of rice cake. My sister in law baked it as present on my mom in law's birthday. She always bakes this rice cake cake during my in laws birthdays. The first time that she made a cake was on my father in law's birthday. It wasn't delicious though, because she said she forgot to put the sugar. Just imagine the taste of the cake without sugar in it. hehehehe...Anyway, we ate eat to show that we appriciated what she did. Well, she really did a good job because she tried her best in making that cake. Besides, a cake without sugar is healthier, isn't it? And she made it with pumpkin which is my father in law's favorite.

This special cake is for my mother in law on her last birthday. After trying for many times, my sister in law finally got the right taste. It's really delicious and doesn't it look good? I can give this rate of 95% out of 100%.

Manse to my sister in law! Manse (Hoooray)!

The beautiful cake didn't match with the candles that my nephew and niece put. But the beauty is still there.

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