Saturday, January 19, 2008

dried persimmons

I always take the bus with two of my co-workers. We take the same bus when we go home. Near the bus stop, there is this street vendor like this who sells tokkpogi, odeng and eomug. We usually go there before taking the bus. All of us need to transfer to another bus and we get off at the same bus stop to transfer to another bus. At that bus stop are stores that sells fruits and vegetables so i bought this dried persimmons yesterday.

They are too cheap! 10pieces for $3 so i bought 20 pieces. Dried persimmons are too expensive here because they are good for our health. My sister in law bought 50 pieces for $70 if i'm not mistaken. I prefer dried persimmons rather than this fresh ones. Ajassi (old man) gave me one to have a taste of it before i bought. I tried to check ajassi when i came home this evening but he wasn't there anymore. I don't know if he already sold out his fruits or it was his rest day today. I hope i can see him again on Monday so that i can buy more.

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