Saturday, January 12, 2008

i've got approved

Yahoo...My blog has just approved by Smorty. I have waited for this for a long time and after the hardwork, i finally got approved to it. Well, i know lots of bloggers making much money with smorty and i know how satisfied they are for being a member of this site. I was encouraged by them and made this blog and after i few months, here i am, like my blogger friends, my blog will start to make money with smorty.

I know most bloggers know about smorty because it's very famous for blog advertising. It is a website where it connects advertisers with bloggers. I am addicted to blogging because i can practice my writing skill, make new friends and at the same time making money? Isn't it great? My hubby said that i've got a new hobby and it is blogging. Well, i'm not only doing it as my hobby but also i blog for money.

If you are a blogger and haven't signed up to smorty, yet then it's time to sign up and grab this opportunity.

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