Saturday, January 12, 2008

i shop online

It's freezing and everyone is lazy to go out even when we need to do shopping. Of course i love shopping but how can i go out in this cold weather just to go shopping? Never! I don't wanna go out but it doesn't mean that i can't do shopping. We have advance technology and there's no impossible through the internet. I'm talking about here the online shopping. I know every ladies like going shopping. Don't you?

So, if you are running a business why do you have to stick in your store since you know the best way to sell them is online. There are many people busy everyday and don't have enough time to go shopping. In my case, eventhough i don't work on weekends, but we usually go out for a trip. If we don't, then i just want to spend time taking a rest at home. No time for shopping that's why i always depend on the net.

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