Saturday, September 20, 2008

medical career

When I was in Elementary, I always wanted to become a teacher. Whenever I played with my friends, I was always the teacher and my friends were my students. But that dream changed when I entered in High School. I wanted to become a Secretary because instead of teaching, I wanted to work in the office. When I graduated High School, it changed again and I dreamt of becoming an Engineer. My dream always changed but i'm willing to work either in the office, school, or field (road). Anything will suit me but i'm interested in those career.

I'm okay in any career because I can easily adjust myself except medical career. I never thought of becoming a nurse or a doctor. I'm afraid of blood, shots, surgery and everything related to medical career. But in this point of our lives, we don't have to think on what our dreams are but think on what career is in demand. Everyone knows that medical career is in demand specially if you want to work in the US and other Western countries.

If your career is related to medical, you should attend the medical assistant training. A program that is now ranked third in the nation in terms of job growth. Do you also know that by the year 2014, the ultrasound technican demand will increase by another 35%? So it's not too late, you can start now and attend at the ultrasound schools.

If I don't work, I want to pursue my career even when I already got a degree. I have the heart of helping others so I'm jealous of the doctors and nurses because they can help people. I wish I'm a brave person and not afraid of the blood. If that so, I would also take a medical course not only because I can make much money but also to help others. How about you? Have already decided on what course your going to get? If not, then take this Career Quiz to find out which program fits your personality!

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