Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Red Ginseng candies

I always see lots of candies in my father in law's house. They are put in a big basket displayed on top of the kimchi refrigerator. The candies are not just the cheap candies that we can buy in the supermarket. They are Korean health products, Renesse Red Ginseng Candies. The Ginseng is a common herb grown on the shaded mountainsides of Korea. I don't like the taste of ginseng. It's bitter and has strange smell. My mother in law usually gives us ginseng drinks but I don't drink it eventhough it's a healthy drink.

We went to my father in law's house and my hubby took this ginseng candies in the basket and brought them home.

I don't wanna try this traditional herb candies because of their smell but my hubby offered one so I tried it. Ummmm... the smell is still strange but the taste is not bad.

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Nanaybelen said...

I always heard about ginseng in tv at korean telenovela, helbal medicine promoters, ads from magazines.
Sometimes I wanted to try. hehehe. curious lang.