Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Food

On Thanksgiving Day everyone (except men) is very busy preparing and cooking food for the family to share and for Jesa (an ancestor-worship ceremony (rite) ). While my mom in law, sister in law and me were busy in the kitchen, the men went to Namsan Tower with the kids (my sister in law's son and daughter). My mother in law just taught us what to prepare and we managed everything. Although many myonori (daughter in laws) don't like this occasion, but for me it's fun to make and cook specially some jeon (fried food). Making different kinds of jeon is always included in every occasion specially when there's jesa. Here's some of the jeon that me and my sister in law made.

(From top to bottom) Fried filleted fish, fried beef, and fried mushrooms that my mother in law gave me. She gave me much and I think we have to eat jeon for days every meals.

Except from jeon, songpyon (a half-moon-shaped rice cake steamed on a layer of pine needles) is another food that is famous on Thanksgiving Day. You say thanksgiving day and people specially kids will think of "songpyon". Food that everyone enjoys to make including kids specially in the rural area. Here are the songpyon.

I've never tried to make songpyon because my mother in law just buys them in the supermarket but I love to experience on how to make one someday.

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ckulit said...

sarap naman nyan, haeng bok chusok sister.. have a good one!