Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's the latest issue?

It's so exciting to read and watch the video of the events that Landrover held. And it's great to know all the upcoming events and shows in advance so that we can book earlier for the years best loved Land Rover shows. I feel great whenever I read the news and see the adventures done by the Land Rovers. But I wish I was one of them or at least I was in that place watching their adventures in person. It's so disappointing because I live far away but also grateful because Landrover World always updates me in all the latest events.

Good news to all the fans and supporters of LandRover! Besides from the news, letters and club pages, The Landrover World also shares us all the upcoming and latest events, the featured Land Rovers, Series World and Practical Land Rover where Shion Scudamore answers your Land Rover queries. Find the clubs that you're interested of and join. Or you can also add your club on the list if you have one.

Be updated, know what's going on and plan in advance! The October issue of Land Rover World is on sale so get your copy now!

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