Monday, September 22, 2008

Nursing school

When I hear that someone's course is a doctor or a nurse, I always think of someone who earns much money. I believe that doctors and nurses earn much specially when they work in the States. They are so lucky that they got the nursing course and they must be proud that they are doctors. I also think of them as smart students because it's hard to pass the exam and get a license.

My cousin was studying nurse but she got married a year before she can finish her course. My aunt cried a lot because she spent much and did everything so that she could send her daughter to a nursing school but she got disappointed. Now I heard that my aunt wants my cousin to pursue her studies even now that she is already married and has a kid. She's willing to send her daughter again to any of the famous lpn schools that she heard a lot from her friends.

I hope my cousin will grant her mom's request for her and that she will study harder.

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