Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Banana ice cream

I always buy bananas because i use them when i make juice in the morning. We usually drink fruit and vegetable juice*** in the morning. Sometimes i have to throw away some over riped bananas. That's really a waste. Bananas here are expensive here because they are delicious bananas that are imported from the Philippines.

One of hubby's favorite fruits are bananas but i don't like them much so he has to eat most of the bananas. My mother in law always tells me that bananas are good for our health so i have to eat bananas too. Did i say that i don't like bananas? Well, i love ice cream, anyway. So, here's a tip for you in order not to throw away those rotten bananas. Put a stick (skew) and wrap the bananas in a plastic and put them in the fridge. There you go! You already have an ice cream. It's yummy! It tastes like a banana ice cream. Here's the picture of my banana ice cream. hehehe...

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