Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I want this Freelander

We have been using our car for 3 years now and hubby asked me if i want to change it. Our car is working well and it still looks new because my hubby is very careful when he uses it. He even doesn't want to make any scratch on it and he cleans it whenever he has time. We liked our car and I thought we don't have the desire to change it anymore. But there's no satisfaction in this world and technology gets better as the time passed by.

I'm sure you already heard about Land Rover that is facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment. But, have you also ever heard about this original versions of the Range Rover, the Discovery and Freelander Freelander? The new Freelander looks similar to the first Freelander in almost every respect but it's a fair bit larger. The cabin is an impressive affair and performs well for a vehicle.

Oh well, i think it's time for me to get a driver's license. I just want to drive this Land Rover Freelander 2 TD 4 HSE .

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