Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why do you have to buy a new car?

I always transfer to another bus when I go to work. Yesterday, while I was waiting for the next bus, I was surprised when the bus stopped and the driver opened the door just to asked me if I still live in the same place because he couldn't see me taking his bus anymore. I got afraid of him. I know that he doesn't have any bad intention but I was shy because there were many people on the bus and at the bus stop looking at us. If I could just dissapear at that time, I already did!

This morning I mentioned to hubby on what happened yesterday. I also told him that I may need a car. And before he left, I showed him this new and approved used LandRover that I'd like to have. The Land Rover that approved used vehicles and guaranteed the same level of quality, good service and a customer satisfaction just like when you buy a new vehicle.

Why do you have to buy a new car when you can have the new and approved used Land Rover. Land Rovers with the same quality of new vehicles, prepared to the highest manufacturers standards and competitively priced, approved and select warranty and a lot more promise that LandRover can give you.

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