Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pork Rib Stew (Twaejigalbitchim)

Pork Rib Stew (Twaejigalbitchim) "돼기갈비찜"

Ingredients: A. 1 1/3 lb. pork ribs, 2 tbsp. salad oil
B. 2 1/2 tbsp. soys sauce, 1 1/2 tbsp sugar, 6 tbsp. green onion, 2 tbsp.garlic, 2 tbsp. ginger juice, 2 tbsp. rice wine.
C. pine nuts, 1/3 carrot, 20 gingko nuts, 2 potatoes, 2 green peppers, 2 jujubes


1. Have the butcher cut the spareribs into 2" long pieces and score them on both sides.

2. Stir-fry the gingko nuts in a lightly salted pan until they turn green color. Then rub off the top-skins.

3. Fry the spare ribs in a heated oiled pan until brown. Remove excess oil and place the ribs in another pan.

4. Add half of the mixed B ingredients and 2 cups water to the #3 ribs and simmer them on high heat for 10 minutes.

5. When the ribs are tender, add the gingko nuts, the carrots and potatoes cut into flower shapes and the remaining seasoning and stir-fry until glazed.

6. Placed the seasoned ribs and vegetables in a serving dish and garnish with the sliced jujube and powdered pine nuts.

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