Friday, July 4, 2008

serving food

As for the serving, all the food dishes except hot soups are set at one time on a low table that is set on the floor; at which one sits to eat. The main dishes and the side dishes which are shared by all are placed in the middle of the table. The rice and soup are placed in front of each diner. Chopstics and spoons are used for eating.

In general the Korean diet is high in grains and vegetable which add mucht fiber to the diet, moderate but adequate in protien. both animal and vefetable (bean curd, bean sprouts, bean pastes, soy bean sauce), moderate in a calories and low in fat and sugar. In short- a very healthy, well-balanced diet. It may be a bit high in salt if soy sauce is used heavily. It may or may not be red peppery hot; it is a matter of individual taste.

The Korea diet is changing and developing but basically the diet pattern has remained the same. Westerners may do well to examine this diet pattrn and shift to a similar diet pattern for their own long and healthy life.

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