Wednesday, July 16, 2008

our savings accounts

Hubby and I started with nothing in our bank account. There was a zero balance in our account. So when he got his job, we started to save as soon as he got his first salary. We opened savings accounts and a few years later, we bought a new car and an apartment using our own savings. My hubby's family and relatives said that we achieved our goal easily.

I learned that rich people are those who know how to save money. Even when you are diligent, if you don't know how to save, your hardwork is useless. Also you should know and aware of the bank where you'll deposit your money. Choose the banks that will give you bonus when you open a checking account and where you can earn the best rates. Banks that has a cash bonus promotion offers.

Receive cash, gift cards, or credit for opening checking accounts, money market accounts, or certificates of deposit at banks and credit unions.

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