Friday, August 22, 2008

The car for our adventures

We went on a picnic last weekend. Everything was set up and supposed to leave the campsite when hubby went to the bathroom. I was very bored waiting for him so I took out the rug and started to clean the car. I thought he would feel good after seeing his car cleaned but I was wrong again. Instead of smile, i saw him got angry. He said it's not right to clean the car without pouring some water on it because it can make scratch. Opppss..I didn't know that.

While we were heading home, he didn't say anything which only means he was angry. He just felt better when I told him that it's okay to have some small scratches because it's time to change it. We've been using it for three years now and we need a better and bigger car. We like adventures and we usually go camping on weekend so we need more space to load everything that we need for a camp like tent, mats, cookwares and more.

I've been dreaming for a Freelander since I first saw it and I think this New Forester Diesel is the best for our adventures. A car that has more space to put our loads. The car that has been tried, tested and approved. It's not surprising then why within a year, Freelander sales more than doubled and it became the biggest selling 4x4 in the UK.

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