Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, my laptop!

I always want to get my own laptop. If you remember, it's one of my Christmas wishlists and it's the only one that I haven't got, yet. This year, I travelled to three countries and got a nintendo DS. Only few months left and this year will be gone. I want a laptop and I have to get it before the year ends in order to achieve everything on my lists. Oh, my laptop!

I thought i have to go on a diet and save money from my food allowance to get the Laptop that i want. I thought I have to spend much money for the laptop but after seeing the prices of this laptops, I realized that I don't need to diet myself on the food because I can get my favorite laptop for a very low price.

I know you also want to get one so i'm sharing this site where you can search for the best price laptop that you want. Get one to enjoy blogging more!

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