Friday, August 15, 2008

Deep-Fried Beef Rolled in Sesame Leaves (Seogogi Kkaennipmari twigim)

Deep-Fried Beef Rolled in Sesame Leaves (Seogogi Kkaennipmari twigim)

Ingredients: 2/3 lb. beef, 10 sesame leaves, 1/2 cake bean curd, 1 egg, 1/2 cup flour, 2 tbsp. chopped green onion, 1 tbsp. chopped garlic, 2 tsp. sesame salt, 2 tsp. sesame oil, 1 tbsp. salt, black pepper, MSG, 10 small skewers, 1/2 cucumber, 2 bundles parsley, 1 red radish

1. Slice the beef thinly and mince well.
2. Wrap the bean curd in a clean cloth, squeeze out the excess water and mash it finely.
3. Combine the meat, bean curd, chopped green onion, garlic, sesame salt, sesame oil, black pepper, MSG and salt and mix well.
4. Wash the sesame leaves and dry off the moisture.
5. Dip the inside of sesame leaves in flour. Place the spoonful of the meat misture on eac leaf and roll it up and fasten with a small skewer.
6. Dip the rolls into flour and then into beaten egg and deep-fry them in boiling oil.
7. Drain and arrange the cucumber cut into thin rings and diagonally cut roll in the center of a plate. Garnish with the parsley and red radish.

Hint: Deep-fry the food in very hot oil until crisp. To drain, stand the deep-fried food on end, so that it does not become soft.

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