Saturday, August 16, 2008

My own recipe bibimbap

We had brunch at 10:30 a.m. As what I always say, we don't have rice for breakfast but because it was already past 10 so i prepared rice instead of juice. At around 4 hubby said that he was hungry so I made this bibimbap for him.

Making bibimbap is easy. Just put rice on the bowl with different kinds of vegetables, sesame oil, laver and fried egg and of course and kochujang (red pepper paste). Bibimbap is not complete without kochujang. Bibimbap is more delicious with raw beef (seng bibimbap)but because of "Crazy cow" (mad cow), we decided not to eat beef. So instead of beef I fried chopped pork, and put some garlic. I didn't put much vegetables, either. I only put what is available in the refrigerator like bean sprouts and broccoli sprouts that I use for salad.

That's it! Too easy, isn't it? You can make your own bibimbap now! I usually use some substitute ingredients and I sometimes get a good outcome. Hubby said it was delicious so I already tried it several times. I'm glad that I found a new recipe for bibimbap. It's my own recipe. hehehe...

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