Saturday, August 23, 2008

Got free chicken again

I got free chicken again from the coupons that I collected in ordering chickens. I saw the advertisement of this chicken restaurant posted in front of the door and it looks delicious so I told hubby to try it. I like BHC chicken where I also collected 10 coupons and changed into an order of whole chicken and another 10 coupons from BHC. When it comes to fried chicken, I like BHC and for spicy chicken red combo from Gyocheon.

And now we found this very spicy Hessal chicken and we like it very much. When i'm tired from work and don't to cook or prepare dinner, I always order food and the most ordered food is chicken. Ans this hessal chicken became of our favorites since we had a taste of it. And what is good about it? You have to collect only five coupons and change it to whole chicken.
Here are the coupons-

And dyaraann...the free boneless chicken. Hubby already ate some before I realized that I have to post it on my blog. hehehe..This chicken is not too spicy as the one on the picture at the side bar but they are both from Hessal chicken.

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