Friday, August 1, 2008

TV on the wall

There are three bedrooms in our apartment and one is a guestroom. A room for my in-laws when they visit and stay with us for a night. That's also a room where we put our collections from other countries. My in-laws rarely stay with us. Two or three times a year if i'm not mistaken so we are planning to buy a tv and make the guest room as a video room. We like watching movies so it's a good idea to use that room sometimes.

We have 37 inches LCD Screen TV and a home theater in the living room and we'll probably put that in the video room and buy a TV that we can put on the wall. Putting the TV on the wall gives more space in the living room. Of course, we'll need a TV Wall Bracket with a good quality and affordable price. And I finally found one. A slim line design with a safety bar TV Wall Bracket. It also has a wall bracket lock to secure my LCD TV.

Get your TV Wall Bracket here if you also need one. It offers good quality bracket for all Plasma TV's and LCD screens for a a reasonable cost.

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