Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you collect the receipts?

While I was cleaning the cabinets last weekend, I saw a small bag and wondered what was in it. When I opened it, here's what I saw.

Lots of receipts that I collected from buying groceries in the market 2 years ago. I used to collect the receipts and wrote down what I bought using my credit card. But that didn't last for a year, though. Now I don't collect the receipt but when you open my bag, you'll see lots of receipt. My bag is like a garbage can with lots of receipts inside. I always think of throwing them away when I'm busy and I always forget them when I don't do anything. You'll see them in every pocket of my big bag that I use when I go to work. I'm sure some of my bags in the cabinet have receipt, too!

I think it's time to clean up my bag now after posting this. hehehehe...

Btw, do you collect the receipts?

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