Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spring Chicken Stew (Yonggyebokkum)

Spring Chicken Stew (Yonggyebokkum)

Ingredients: 1 1/3 lb. whole spring chicken, 1/3 cup tiny soused, salted shrimp, 5 tbsp. chopped green onion, 1 tbsp. chopped garlic, 1 tbsp. ginger juice, 1 tbsp. sesame oil, 2 tbsp. sesame salt, black pepper, 5 red peppers, 5 green peppers, 1 round onion

1. Cut the chicken into 1/3" pieces, mix with the salted shrimp and seasoning and let stand.

2. Fry the seasoned chicken lightly in a pan. Pour in enough water to cover the chicken and simmer on low but steady heat.

3. Cut the round onion, red peppers and green pepper into 1/4" square pieces.

4. When the broth is almost evaporated, add the #3 vegetables and stir-fry briefly.

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