Saturday, August 30, 2008

Because of beef

I bought this mushrooms last week. I was supposed to cook bosot jongol (beef with mushrooms cooked in casserole). I forgot that my in laws, don't want me to buy and eat beef because of the mad cow disease. My mother in law said that the disease will appear after 10 years so she always reminds me not to buy beef. Instead of making "bosot (mushroom) jongol (casserole)", I just fried the mushrooms with garlic and boiled with hot water and dipped with chogochujang.

Last Wednesday, I also went to the market and bought something that I need for cooking. Because I was too tired and got lazy to cook, I saw the ready to cook food which was on sale so I took one. When I came home and was supposed to cook the side dish, I saw the meat was beef so I changed my clothes again and went back to the market to return the beef. Oh yeah, my cooking was ruined because of beef!

When I came home, hubby told me just to order food and take a rest. hehehe...

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